Admirals 3¢ Brown

Over-Rocked Transfer Roll

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The following scans show 26 stamps in my collection that all show evidence of an over-rocked transfer roll.

The main evidence of this consists of two relatively parallel lines at an approximate 45* angle coming off of the lower left corner 3. The position of these lines varies slightly from plate position to plate position. The very first stamp is the only example found so far with the placement of the lines near the bottom of the 3 rather than the middle. Please notify me of any other examples of this type.

Other evidence exists on some positions showing a horizontal line through the tip of the larger maple leaf above the left numeral box. The line crosses the white portrait oval and on some examples extends on to the King’s cloak. There are differing strengths of this line found on different stamps. (See near the bottom of this page for those lines. DL07 has red arrows pointing to the line.) There are also a pair of fairly horizontal lines in the lower margin of many of the copies seen here. These vary in strength and I have tried to frame the scans to show these lines if they are present.

Dr. Warren Bosch first brought attention to these stamps back in 1985 in the 17th Newsletter of the Canadian Re-entry Study Group of BNAPS.

The numbering I have used for the following is in the format of DL 01 (DL = double line) to DL 25.

(More to come...)

Low 1

^ The lines are much lower on this stamp (above) than all of the rest below.

DL 01

DL 02

DL 03

DL 04

DL 05

DL 06

^  Signs of other lines above the double lines

DL 07

DL 08

DL 09

DL 10

DL 11

^  Double lines are faint

DL 12

^  Signs of other lines above the double lines

DL 13

DL 14

^  Double lines are extremely faint

DL 15

DL 16

^  Signs of other lines above the double lines

DL 17

DL 18

^  Signs of other lines above the double lines


DL 20

DL 21

DL 22

^  Signs of other marks above the double lines

DL 23

DL 24

DL 25

^  Double lines are HIGH and AWAY from the 3

The following scans show the 15 stamps of the above found with the horizontal line through the top of the leaf above the left numeral box, across the white portrait oval and onto the King’s cloak. Different stamp positions exhibit different strengths of this line, if it is present at all. (See DL 07 for a strong example with red arrows pointing to the line.) I have identified the stamps above that these lines are found on by using the same I.D. number for the following scans.

 From DL 01

From DL 02

From DL 03

^  Very faint

From DL 04

^  Very faint

From DL 07

^  Very strong - note line on chest

From DL 08

^  Very faint

From DL 09

^  Strong

From DL 11

^ No line, but tip of leaf seems almost joined to portrait edge

From DL 12

^  Very strong

rom DL 13

^  Very strong

From DL 15

^  Extremely faint

From DL 18

^  Very Strong

From DL 19

^  Very faint

From DL 20

^  Not as strong, but note extra dots on chest

From DL 23

^  As above

The following scan shows a stamp that does not have the horizontal line shown above.

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