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The Two Penny Blues of Great Britain are another interesting source of re-entries. While the number of re-entries on this value pales in comparison to the One Penny, there are some lovely re-entries to be found. We start off with a particularly interesting one.

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Scott #29

Two Pence Blue 1858

Plate 7  G-H H-G

Misplaced Entry (Dropped Roll?)

This 2d shows a lovely misplaced entry with remnants of POSTAGE across the lower portion of the bust of Victoria. This was likely caused by a dropped transfer roll or the roll was rested on the plate out of position and in error, pressure was applied.

Courtesy of Mitch West.


I was able to pick up a poor condition copy of this rarity on eBay recently. Luckily, it shows the details on the neck very clearly. See it below Mitch’s.



Courtesy of Mitch West

My pathetic copy



Scott #4

Two Pence Blue

Plate , Position LF


Note the doubling of the bottom frameline, visible in the LNB and bottom of TWO PENCE.






Scott #17 1855 Die I

Two Pence Blue Perf 14

Large Crown Watermark

Major Misplaced Entry

Plate 5, Position DB

This is a beautiful misplaced entry showing an upwards misplacement of 1.8mm. Note the horizontal line in the UR box. This is the bottom line of the box, and the tips of the two major rays can be seen duplicated at the top line of the box. There is also part of this same line visible in the upper left box as well. In the lower right corner, the top line of the LR box can be found duplicated within the lathework 1.8mm above. There is faint evidence of this in the lower left corner.

Note that the many markings in the white bar above TWO PENCE, and in the top margin above POSTAGE, we can see many remnants of the duplicated lettering. The heavy 'smudge' in the top margin above the space between POSTAGE and the UR corner box is particularly noticeable.

^ From the RETrimble Collection ^


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