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Questionable Jubilees

I was recently asked to examine a couple of Jubilees and offer my opinion as to whether or not they were re-entries. At first glance both stamps appear to be slip prints, rather than re-entries. However, on closer examination, they both were found to exhibit qualities of re-entries AND slip prints. I am showing a series of 50X scans here and ask for your thoughts. In particular, does anyone have an exact duplicate of either one, to prove constancy?

The first stamp is the $1 Jubilee, while the second is the $2 Jubilee. The $2 has what appears to be a definite re-entry in the centre area in the ‘R’ & ‘I’ as well as the lower left area of the left portrait oval, which shows clear extensions of the background lines into the white oval. However, there are also many signs of slippage as well. (Re-entry AND slip print combined? It could happen!)

Scott #61   $1 Jubilee

Scott #62   $2 Jubilee

This is the clearest sign of re-entry.

  Note the heavy extensions into the white oval.

Comments, please.

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