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         Scott #1-13


One Half Penny

Three Pence

Six Pence

Seven & One Half Pence

Ten Pence

       Ten Pence Re-entries     on Plate Proof - Photocopies

Twelve Pence

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Canada’s first stamps offer some beautiful re-entries for the specialist. Here I show you all of the Major Re-entries on the Three Pence, the ten or so Majors on the One Half Penny, the gorgeous Ten Pence (and scans of all of the re-entries taken from colour photocopies of a full proof sheet), and even the very scarce Major Re-entry on the 7 1/2 Pence. As I gain access to them, I’ll even throw in a 12d or a dozen.











(First Cents)

         Scott #14-20


One Cent

Five Cents

    Page 1 pp 1 - 25

    Page 2 pp 26-50

    Page 3 pp 51-75

    Page 4 pp 76-100

Ten Cents

Twelve & One Half Cents

Seventeen Cents

Two Cents


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The First Cents Issue along with the PENCE Issues are the true 'Classics' of Canadian philately. Hopefully, the items illustrated here will aid you in the identification of the major varieties of each value.

(This page is dedicated to Geoffrey Whitworth.)




July 2018 - I decided to break up my single page of mixed plate positions for the 5¢ Beaver into four separate pages of 25 each. Each plate position now has its own space, and my many plate positions can now be found listed in their proper order, making it so much easier to find a particular position than before. Of course there are many positions left empty for now, but as time passes I hope to fill in more and more as I receive submissions from viewers. Please submit your scans at 1200dpi minimum on a black background, along with its plate position. I will check these against my Ken Kershaw books on the Five Cents Beaver and add them to my pages. Of course, many of the plate positions are quite normal and have no re-entries or flaws to speak of, so those spaces will remain empty.

I hope these new pages will assist you in plating your stamps, and that you will contribute some of your stamps if you can help me fill any of the empty spaces, or if you have clearer copies of any of those I show here.







         Scott #21-33


Half Cent

One Cent

Two Cents

Three Cents

Six Cents

Fifteen Cents

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There aren’t a great many re-entries on the Large Queens, but here are a few.

There are 6 photos of Horace Harrison's best copy of the Major, plus two of a recent find by Jim Hennok.

Added: A copy auctioned recently by John Talman.

Added: Another copy reported by Bill Burden.

Another copy found and reported by Glenn Archer.








         Scott #34-47


Half Cent

One Cent

Two Cents

Three Cents

Five Cents

Six Cents (yellow brown)

Six Cents (red brown)

Six Cents Plate A

All 100 Positions





Upper Selvedge Markings

Eight, Ten & Fifty Cents

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The Small Queen Issue is without doubt the most studied and varied of all Canadian stamps. With its incredible multitude of papers, perfs, colours, shades, printings and constant plate varieties, this issue has something for everyone. But, of course, it is the fantastic selection of re-entries that interests me the most. I leave all of the other areas to those so-inclined specialists.

 For searching for re-entries on the light-coloured 1¢ and 3¢ values, you might like to try my method of using back-lighting.

(This section is dedicated to Hans Reiche, Mike Sendbuehler and Bill Simpson.)

On January 18th, 2003, Bill Simpson passed away in London, Ontario. Along with his Gold medal-winning collection of Small Queens, Bill was a great promoter of the hobby. In the summers of 1991 & 1992, Bill and his lovely wife, June, opened their home and their arms to a small group of dedicated philatelists for what came to be known affectionately as "Stamp Camp." With 'campers' from the Toronto area, Hamilton, and even as far off as Nova Scotia, Stamp Camp was several days of philatelic bliss. Bill made his vast collection of Small Queen materials available to us for study, photographing, and general panting and ogling. And of course, not only was the material the most extensive available for human eyes, but it was matched by Bill's incredible knowledge of his subject. Those summers will remain a part of my fondest memories forever. Goodbye, Bill, my friend. You shall be greatly missed.

A major discovery has just been made...After years of controversy, it can finally be told that the plate used for the 6¢ yellow brown printing was possibly refurbished to become the ‘A’ plate! See the 6¢ yellow brown page for details,

January 16, 2015 - I recently acquired a 1200dpi scan of a full sheet of 100 of the Six Cents Red Brown Small Queen, Scott #43, Courtesy of The Brigham Collection. Since there are many collectors who delight in plating these stamps based on their position dots, I decided that rather than just showing the re-entries I found on the plate, I would show all 100 plate positions to allow platers to really enjoy themselves. The images you see below are actually thumbnails that have been re-sized to my usual 12” wide images, so if you click on each image, you will be taken to a full size image which may fill your screen. This will allow you to do really close-up examinations of each and every position on the plate. I have included portions of the stamps to the left and to the right of each plate position to show the relative alignments of each design, as well as the position dots to the right of each stamp. I have made note for the positions that show evidence of re-entry and also associated Reiche & Sendbuehler numbers. (Coming soon.)






THE 5¢ on 6¢


         Scott #43

Double Denomination

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"The Most Remarkable Variety of Canadian Stamps" is how Winthrop S. Boggs described this stamp in his epic volume, 'The Postage Stamps and Postal History of Canada.' I heartily agree, but little did Mr. Boggs know that the story of this classic was far from over.

This article was originally published in BNA TOPICS in 1993.

Also, see the worst possible copy...

(This page is dedicated to Bill Simpson & Bill Burden.)




         Scott #F1-F3


Two Cents

Five Cents


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There are a great many constant plate varieties on this issue. For those interested, I direct you to Horace Harrison’s book, “Canada’s Registry System” by Hennok, 1987. Meanwhile, here are some of the great re-entries found on this issue.

This section has recently (Dec. 30, 2004) been separated into two pages, one for each value.

A marvelous new unrecorded Major Re-entry has been found on the 2¢ RLS by Harry Voss.







         Scott #50-65


Page 1 Sc. 50 - ½¢  Black

   100 (10 X 10) Plate # 9

Page 2 Sc. 51 - 1¢  Orange

   100 (10 X 10) Plates #5, 6, 15, 16

Page 3 Sc. 52 - 2¢  Green

   100 (10 X 10) Plates #7, 8

Page 4 Sc. 53 - 3¢  Bright Rose

   100 (10 X 10) Plates #1, 2, 3, 4, 11,12,        13, 14. 28, 29

Page 5 Sc. 54 - 5¢  Deep Blue

   100 (10 X 10) Plate #10

Page 6 Sc. 55 -   Yellow Brown

   50 (5 X 10) Plate #17

Page 7 Sc. 56 - 8¢  Dark Violet

   100 (10 X 10) Plate #20

Page 8 Sc. 57 - 10¢  Brown Violet

   50 (5 X 10) Plate #19

Page 9 Sc. 58 - 15¢  Steel Blue

   50 (5 X 10) Plate #18

Page 10 Sc. 59 - 20¢  Vermilion

   50 (5 X 10) Plate #21

Page 11 Sc. 60 - 50¢  Ultramarine

   50 (5 X 10) Plate #23

Page 12 Sc. 61 - $1  Lake

   50 (5 X 10) Plate #27

Page 13 Sc. 62 - $2  Dark Purple

   50 (5 X 10) Plate #26

Page 14 Sc. 63 - $3  Yellow Bistre

   50 (5 X 10) Plate #24

Page 15 Sc. 64 - $4  Purple

   50 (5 X 10) Plate #22

Page 16 Sc. 65 - $5  Olive Green

   50 (5 X 10) Plate #25


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Here are some of the re-entries discovered so far on the Jubilee Issue of 1897.

This page has now been revamped into 16 separate pages - one for each value.

The Jubilees were printed in either sheets of 100 (10 X 10) or 50 (5 X 10) with plate numbers from 1 - 29. See the listings for each value.


A new page (Oct. 05) with two questionable stamps - re-entries or slip prints??



































         Scott #66-73


Half Cent

One Cent

Two Cents

Three Cents

Five Cents

Six Cents

Eight Cents

Ten Cents

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There are many lovely re-entries on this issue, including the Half Cent Black and Two Cents Purple. Here some selected items.


The first re-entry on the 8¢ value has now been located. And now, a second re-entry!


The Five Cents to Ten Cents page has been broken up into individual pages for each value.










         Scott #74-84

RE-ENTRIES - Majors through Minors


Half Cent

One Cent  Major Misplaced Entries

One Cent Majors (two pages)

     One Cent Majors  page 2

Two Cents Majors (two pages)

     Two Cents Majors  page 2

Three Cents

Five Cents

Seven Cents

Eight Cents

Ten Cents


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Some of the most incredible examples of the problems some siderographers ran into while laying down or repairing the steel printing plates are what we call MISPLACED ENTRIES. These occurred when the transfer roll was not set down on the plate in the proper position and portions of design were entered at least 0.5mm away from the proper position and sometimes as much as a whole half-design away. (More than a half-design away and it is not really possible to tell whether the stamp below or the stamp above was the intended position to be repaired. Here are some amazing examples.

(This page is dedicated to Dr. Warren Bosch.)


Major Misplaced Entries



Also, see below for some very special Numerals...



10¢ on 1¢ Numeral

Major Misplaced Entries on the 1¢

Foreign Transfer on the 5¢ Numeral

Major Misplaced Entries on the 7¢




10¢ on 1¢ NUMERAL

          Scott #75

Misplaced Foreign Entry

Second Plate Position Discovered

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This is THE most *INCREDIBLE* of ALL the Numeral varieties! Not since the 5¢ on 6¢ Small Queen have we seen such a tremendous variety, and it’s misplaced to boot.

 A marvelous new discovery has just been made in regards to this stamp. Not only ANOTHER plate position of this scarce variety, but it's location will knock your socks off! Click HERE to go directly to the page, or use the link at the bottom of the 10¢ on 1¢ page.








         Scott #79

Misplaced Foreign Entry

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**An incredible foreign transfer, of a similar nature to the 10¢ on 1¢ Numeral, has come to light on the 5¢ Numeral. Click HERE, or follow the link on the Five Cents page.






         Scott #81

Major Misplaced Entries

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**Several incredible new discoveries (2010) of major misplaced entries, of a similar nature to the 10¢ on 1¢ Numeral, have come to light on the 7¢ Numeral. Follow the link at the left to the Seven Cents page.






       Scott #85-86



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This issue is a real favourite of mine. Not only is it a very beautiful stamp, but it just teems with re-entries, retouches and red plate varieties.

(This page is dedicated to the late Whitney Bradley.)

** I was saddened to read in the Sept./Oct. 2002 issue of The Canadian Philatelist (the Journal of the RPSC) that Ron Winmill* of London, Ontario has passed away. Many years ago, before Whit Bradley’s book on the Map Stamp was published and I was studying Maps closely myself, Ron would send me packet after packet after packet of Map singles, blocks and pieces from his collection to study and record for my notes. He never requested any money for postage; all he required was that I enclose the cancelled stamps from his packages when I returned his Maps. He also sent me the mint postage to use when I returned his stamps. What a great deal! Tons of Maps to study, delivered to my door, for free. Not only did Ron help me with my early Map studies, but he also demonstrated the incredible generosity of so many collectors in this fine hobby. Thanks, Ron. And farewell. You shall be missed.

* Ron was the author of “The Evolution of Imperial Penny Postage and The Postal History of the Canadian 1898 Map Stamp” published by Jim Hennok in 1982.



         Scott #89-95


One Cent

Two Cents - Misplaced Entries

Two Cents - Major Re-entries

Two Cents - Re-entries

Five Cents

Seven Cents

Ten Cents


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I consider the 5¢ Edward to be one of Canada's most beautiful engraved stamps. George C. Marler presented this and all the other values in his detailed study, "The Edward VII Issue of Canada" in 1975 and it remains THE master work on the subject. Here are just a few of the many wonderful re-entries to be found on this issue.

(This page is dedicated to George C. Marler.)

New: The Major Misplaced Entry on the 2¢ Edward, 86UL93.

* June 2017 - I have divided the Two Cents Edward VII Issue into three separate pages: Misplaced Entries, Major Re-entries, Re-entries

* September 2018 - Update of the 5¢ page is pending.












     Half Cent  Scott #96

     One Cent  Scott #97

     Two Cents  Scott #98

     *Five Cents  Scott #99

     Twenty Cents  Scott #103


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This issue is known for the Major Re-entry on the HALF CENT and 20 CENTS values, but the surprise comes from all the neat re-entries found on the ONE CENT value.

* June 2017 - I have divided up the previous single page for the Tercentenaries into separate pages for each value that have re-entries.










         Scott #104-140


ONE CENT  Green -Scott #104

     1¢ Misplaced Entries & Major Re-entries

     1¢ Major Re-entries (Continued)

     1¢ Re-entries


Carmine - Scott #106

Page 1  Page 2  Page 3

Green - Scott #107


Brown - Scott #108

Over-rocked Roll?

Strings of Dashes (?)

Carmine - Scott #109


Blue - Scott #111

Violet - Scott #112


Yellow Ochre - Scott #113

Red Brown - Scott #114


Plum - Scott #116

Blue - Scott #117


Olive Green - Scott #119


Black Brown - Scott #120


Misplaced & Re-entered Admiral Imprints

Booklet Re-entries

Coil Stamp Re-entries



Scott # MR1-MR6

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Even most non-re-entry collectors are familiar with the famed Major Re-entry on the 1¢ Admiral, but there are *SO* many more out there. Here are some to whet your appetites.


(These pages are dedicated to Hans Reiche.)





The 2¢ Admiral pages have been divided into separate Carmine and Green pages.


The Carmine section is now composed of three pages to accommodate all of the findings.

Carmine Page 1   Carmine Page 2   Carmine Page 3


A new page has been added to begin the study of a possible over-rocked transfer roll on the 3¢ brown Admiral. The single 3¢ page has been separated into one for brown and one for carmine.

Another new page has been added to show 15 copies of 3¢ brown Admirals with strange vertical columns of dashes in the upper left. Cause is unknown.

A new page added for Admiral Booklet Pane re-entries.

A new page added for Admiral Coil stamp re-entries. (Sept. 29, 2009)

* June 2017 - I have done a revamp of the 1¢ and 2¢ pages, adding many full stamp scans as many of viewers have requested.

The single 1¢ Admiral page has been divided up into FOUR separate pages: Misplaced Entries & Major Re-entries, Major Re-entries (Continued), and Re-entries, as well as a separate page for Misplaced & Re-entered Imprints on The Admiral Issue.























         Scott # 162-183



Yes, you will find the well-known Major Re-entries on the 1¢ Orange & Green here, but also the Retouch on the 1¢ Green AND a marvelous new re-entry on the 2¢ Green and Red found by Dr. Jim Watt.




         Scott #195-200



There aren't many re-entries on this issue, but a couple of nice ones do exist. Indeed, an attempt was made to correct them by retouching the plates by hand, but the positions are still detectable.




         Scott #202-585


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This area covers the large span between 1933 through to 1953 and takes in a number of prominent issues. However, because re-entries are scarce after 1932, those known are presented together in this one place.





          Scott #586-Present




Here are some of our more recent re-entries, including a Caricature Booklet stamp re-entry, Canada's newest re-entry.


**Finally listed in the 2006 Unitrade Specialized**





Airmail & Special Delivery

Postage Dues

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This area covers all of the back-of-the-book material, except for the Registered Letter Stamps, which are found above, following the Small Queens listings, keeping them in the proper time period.






Re-entered IMPRINTS



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Unbeknownst to many collectors, the siderographers, when laying down the images on the plates, sometimes also had difficulties getting the plate imprints in their proper positions. This page contains a surprising array of such Misplaced Imprints from Pence to Provinces to Postage Due, including a misplaced and burnished imprint coupled with an incorrect plate number, both misplaced in different directions. There is also a Bluenose with a misplaced serial number!































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Of course, we can by no means limit ourselves to strictly Canadian stamps when there are so many beautiful examples from our Provinces. Here are some selections from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. (I am trying to get as many of these catalogued as possible.)


Pence Issues 1857-64

         Scott #1-23

Cents Issues 1865-97

Harp Seal

Scott #25, 26 & 40 

All 100 Positions

          Cents - A - Scott #24-38

          Cents - B - Scott #39

          Cents - C - Scott #40

          Cents - D - Scott #41-60

Various 1897-1911

         Scott #61-85

Royal Family Issue 1911

         Scott #104-130

Pictorial Issue 1923-31

Scott #145

The Newfoundland Map     Stamp

Scott #147

George & Mary

Scott #156

1st Transatlantic Flight

Scott #160

Surcharge on 136


Definitive Issue 1932

Scott #183-225

The 5¢ Caribou

Silver Jubilee & Coronation

Scott #226-232

Long Coronation Issue 1937

         Scott #233-243

          1¢ Codfish

          3¢ NFLD Map

          7¢ Caribou

          14¢ NFLD Dog

          20¢ Cape Race

          24¢ Loading Ore

          25¢ Sealing Fleet

          48¢ Fishing Fleet

Post Long Coronation 1941-44

         Scott #245-270

         The 5¢ Caribou

New Brunswick


Scott #5P Connell


Nova Scotia


Pence Issues

Cents - Sc. #10 5¢ blue

Cents - Sc. #11 8 ½¢ green

Cents - Sc. #12 10¢ vermilion












Hawaii Re-entries









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- Before I enter my own section on U.S.A. Revenue Stamp Double Transfers, I am pleased to present a Specialized Collection of these stamps by Mr. Karl Lackemacher, a student of these issues who specializes in the plating of the various issues. He very generously offered to send me the scans of several hundred varieties (double transfers, foreign entries, various scratches and blobs) asking if I would interested in adding them to my website. I of course jumped at the opportunity! While Mr. Lackemacher does not every single stamp shown here, most of them are his, and there are some spectacular items!




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With all of the above, far be it for me to even suggest that Canada is alone in our creation of re-entries. Yes, folks, siderographers all over the world have given us a tremendous variety of incredible re-entries to search for and enjoy. Here are just a few, starting with our neighbour to the south, the United States of America.

A new page has been added for re-entries on the 2¢ brown issue of Hawaii, Scott #75, of 1894.

*August 2018 - A complete revamp of the USA section is in progress - I am dividing up the loooong USA page into much smaller sections to make it easier to locate the stamps you wish to find, without having to scroll through the entire list. (For links below that are not underlined, these pages have not been completed as yet, so please refer to the MAIN link to the left, U..S.A  RE-ENTRIES.)

United States Double Transfers have now been divided up into 20+ separate pages. The sections are as follows:

USA 1 Scott #1-229

USA 2 Scott #230-245 The Columbian Issue. The 1¢ to 50¢ values each have their own page. The $1 to $5 values are all on one page.

     Scott #230 1¢ Columbian - Deep Blue

     Scott #231 2¢ Columbian - Brown Violet

     Scott #232 3¢ Columbian - Green

     Scott #234 4¢ Columbian - Ultramarine

     Scott #234 5¢ Columbian - Chocolate

     Scott #235 6¢ Columbian - Purple

     Scott #236 8¢ Columbian - Magenta

     Scott #237 10¢ Columbian - Black Brown

     Scott #238 15¢ Columbian - Dark Green

     Scott #239 30¢ Columbian - Orange

     Scott #240 50¢ Columbian - Slate Blue

     Scott #241 $1-$5  Columbians

USA 3 Scott #246-330

USA 4 Scott #331-536

USA 4B Scott #467 Perf 10 + 505 Perf 11 Foreign Entries - The 5¢ on 2¢ Errors

USA 5 Scott #537-703

USA 6 Scott #704-802

USA 7 Scott #803-present

     New Info added on the 1994 BEP Souvenir Sheet Double Transfers by Michael D. Smith

    * Issue 1 - The Major Double Transfer

    * Issue 2 - The Other Double Transfers on These Sheets

USA 8 Official Stamps  Scott# O1 - O163





Double Transfers

(Thanks to Mr. Karl Lackemacher)


     Page 1 USA Revenues First Issue Scott # R1-R13, Stamp Numbers 1-38

     Page 2 USA Revenues First Issue Scott # R14-R30, Stamp Numbers 39-80

     Page 3 USA Revenues First Issue Scott # R32-R42, Stamp Numbers 81-98

     Page 4 USA Revenues First Issue Scott # R44-R65, Stamp Numbers 99-127

     Page 5 USA Revenues First Issue Scott # R66-R96, Stamp Numbers 128-162

     Page 6 USA Revenues Second Issue Scott # R103-R133, Stamp Numbers 163-183

     Page 7 USA Revenues Third Issue Scott # R134-R172, Stamp Numbers 184-186

     Page 8 USA Revenues Proprietary Issue Scott # RB1-RB31, Stamp Numbers 187-189

     Page 9 USA Revenues Foreign Transfers All Issues, Stamp Numbers 190-205




(My Collection)
  First Issue  1862-1871 R1 - R96  
  Second Issue  1871 R103 - R133  
  Third Issue  1871-1872 R134 - R172  
  Battleships  1898  


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...more to come
















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Moving on to the many British Commonwealth countries, we have a great many to choose from. Reports and scans of all other re-entries would be welcome. Please scan at at least 1200dpi.





South Australia

St. Helena

St. Lucia





British South Africa


Kenya, Uganda & Tanganyika




Cape of Good Hope

Cayman Islands


Cook Islands






Virgin Islands



New Guinea

New South Wales

New Zealand

         N.Z. The Chalon Heads

         N.Z. Sc. 71

        N. Z. Sc. 85 1900 1d’s

        N.Z. 1d Universal Postage

Niger Coast


North Borneo

Northern Rhodesia


Western Australia
Falkland Islands




Great Britain    

One Penny Blacks

One Penny Reds - Imperfs

One Penny Reds - Perfs

Two Pence Blues - Imperfs

Two Pence Blues - Perfs





Ionian Islands


     Double Heads






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This area encompasses all of the other countries not mentioned so far. I have a couple of really nice ones, including one that will knock your socks off.














Costa Rica


Liberia U
Denmark Mexico





Eire (Ireland)







Phiippine Islands
































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Bill Stamps: 

     Second Issue: Low Values; $3 Proofs

     Third Issue (coming)

Gas Inspection

Electric Light Inspection

Electricity & Gas Inspection

Weights & Measures

Customs Duty

War Tax


Customs Duty


Registration (Beavers)










  Who Am I?

A short autobiography of yours truly.

Re-entry Terms

Definitions of re-entry, fresh entry, misplaced entry, foreign entry, double transfer, shifted transfer, slip print, kiss print, dry print, etc.

Classification of Re-entries & Misplaced Entries

Classification System I developed to distinguish between Major Re-entries, Strong Re-entries, Re-entries, Minor Re-entries, Extremely Minor Re-entries & Misplaced Entries.


My Re-entry Want List

What am I still searching for?

Can YOU help???

Philatelic Literature

This is a list of some of the books and reference materials in my personal philatelic library that I have used in my studies of re-entries. Some of these resources are invaluable sources of information that every serious student of re-entries should make an effort to access.

BNA TOPICS Online - Search every copy of BNAPS’ Journal, BNA TOPICS, for re-entry articles, or any other BNA topic that catches your fancy. This was made possible by a grant from the late Horace Harrison.

  Using A Scanner

This is a page devoted to using an ordinary flatbed scanner to get extreme close-ups of your re-entries.

The Scalar ProScope

This is a link to information on my computer microscope, which is being used for the 30X and 50X close-up scans you will find on many of my pages. It is an incredible tool.

  Using a Light Box

When trying to see re-entry lines on light-coloured stamps like the 1¢ & 3¢ Small Queens, it can be a big help to use back-lighting. Check this out to see what I use.

Philatelic Links

Recommended links to other sites you may find helpful.

  What Is It?

A page for items of uncertain identity. Your input is requested.


BNA  TOPICS Re-entry References

BNA  TOPICS Online - Search every copy of BNAPS’ Journal, BNA  TOPICS, for re-entry articles, or any other BNA topic that catches your fancy. This was made possible by a grant from the late Horace Harrison.

I have searched through all of the Tables of Contents for all of the issues of BNA  TOPICS and I have put together a list of ALL of the re-entry articles there are to be found since the first issue was published in 1944. It can be found HERE. You can use this list to look up the articles at BNA  TOPICS Online, above.



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Ralph E. Trimble

Specialist in BNA Re-entries

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