5¢ Numeral Foreign Transfer

Plate 1, Right Pane, Position #22

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Here's another variety that has me drooling! A couple of weeks ago I was browsing through my copy of Dr. Michael Sendbuehler & Hans Reiche's book, THE CANADA QUEEN VICTORIA 1898 NUMERAL ISSUE, published by Saskatoon Stamp Centre, when I came across a stamp that I had somehow missed seeing on my other readings of this work. There on page 147 is a 5¢ Numeral with horizontal frame lines cutting through the 'N' of CANADA and in the white oval below and in the 'A' of POSTAGE. Now, as if this were not exciting enough, the description on the opposite page reads, "A careful examination of these parallel frame lines, four of them, would indicate that these come from another value, not the 5¢. The possibility exists that these are frame lines from the 2¢, or even 1/2¢ value. If this could be confirmed, another entry could be recorded as the 10¢ on 1¢." Fortunately, even the plate position of this stamp is known, since it is found on the proof sheet in the Archives in Ottawa. Some evidence points to the fact that there may have been more than one state of Plate 1, however, so it is not certain just how long this variety existed on the plate.

Below is a scan of this stamp that Michael Sendbuehler emailed to me.


Michael recently mailed me his copy of this stamp to scan with my ProScope Computer Microscope. Following the full stamp scan are three ProScope scans taken at 50X each to show the details more clearly. Note the stems of the maple leaves in both spandrels, as well as the odd markings on the left numeral box. Such markings can be found on normal stamps on Plate 1 as well. If retouches, they are quite extraordinary compared to normal retouches.


Above stamp Courtesy of Dr. J.M. Sendbuehler

I have finally acquired a copy of this stamp for my own collection. It is shown below.

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