U.S.A. Re-entries 4B

(Double Transfers)


Scott #467 (Perf 10) & 505 (Perf 11)

The Five Cents on Two Cents Washington Foreign Entries


This is one of my very favourite U.S.A. errors. This is one of three plate positions where the 5¢ design was inadvertently rolled in to correct three impressions on the 2¢ plate. Several elements of the 2¢ remain visible in each of the positions.The sheet of 400 was comprised of 4 panes of 100 each. Two of the errors occurred on the UL pane of 100, while the third error was in the LR pane of 100. These are normally collected in blocks of 12 and 9 with the error(s) in the centre, to show them to their best advantage, but sometimes the sheets were actually broken up into pairs and singles.


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Scott #505 1917

Foreign Entries

5¢ on 2¢ (1 & 2 of 3)

Plate Positions 7942 UL 74 & 84

This is my block of 12 containing the TWO examples together on the plate in the UL pane, one above the other! Following that is my block of 9 showing the single example in the centre from the LR pane.

Note the distinguishing features of each of the three positions, shown below.


(The above two scans are taken from the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PLATE VARIETIES ON U.S. BUREAU-PRINTED POSTAGE STAMPS by Loran C. French, Bureau Issues Association, Inc., 1979, page 84.)

^ From the RETrimble Collection ^

Above is a gorgeous block of 12 containing TWO of the 5¢ 'error of colour' stamps, one above the other. The upper one is pp7942UL74 (as in my pair), while the one beneath it is pp7942UL84. I am absolutely delighted to say that this wonderful piece does belong to me. I recently (October 2010) added this incredible block of 12 to my collection.

^ Above is a pair that was separated from the sheet (with a close-up below). This position is the upper stamp in the vertical pair, 7942 UL 74 ^

^ From the RETrimble Collection ^



Scott #505  1917

Foreign Entry

5¢ on 2¢ (3 of 3)

Plate Position

7942 LR 18

And here is the third copy in the centre of a block of 9. Sure, the centring is not the best, but who cares! It’s glorious!

^ From the RETrimble Collection ^

This is my latest BIG acquisition, a full sheet of 100 of the 5¢ on 2¢ error of colour. The actual sheet also has full selvedge on the right side, but it is too big for my scanner.

^ From the RETrimble Collection ^



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Ralph E. Trimble

Specialist in BNA Re-entries