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Plate Varieties of the 1 Cent Small Queen

by Ron Waldston


This new 24 page handbook/catalogue uses 182 hand-retouched mats of the 1¢ SQ to illustrate the many re-entries, strands of hair, flaws, scratches, guidelines & dots that have been meticulously documented by the author. The illustrations are impressively clear and the reproduction by the printer is well-done, as can be seen by the examples below.

After a brief introduction to the 1¢ SQ, the author then proceeds to illustrate the various varieties based on his organization of the stamps into eight different categories, or series, depending on which portions of the design show the particular variety. He then provides a price guide for each item.

I recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the 1¢ Small Queen.

It can be purchased from Unitrade Associates.



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